Closing Meet at Butterfield

This will be the last hunt for some hounds. They'll get to spend the spring training some of the youngsters and then will be adopted out to new homes.

A stirrup cup and cookie before heading out.
Sharon was out on Simon.
David on Othello.
Janet on her mare.
Whips discussing the plans for the day.
Aver's been on Shorty for the season.
Chris on Pete.
Laura led Second Flight.
Sam and David getting ready to release the hounds.
Mary Ann with her eyes on the hounds.
Eager to start hunting.
That's Katie on foot with crutches. We were happy to see her out.
Working their way to the first covert.
The house in the distance just went up this year. We're lucky to have the property we hunt available to us.
Melanie helping Chrissie road the hounds out.
We were happy for all the rain last year, but with the grass so tall, it wasn't always easy to keep track of the hounds (or huntsman).
Following the hounds over Jane's jump.
Sharon led First Flight.

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