Fall Hunting at Finney-Hopper Ranch
Wonderful weather, beautiful scenery and a great turnout. There weren't many in first flight, but we had a large group of new horses and new riders in the second flight.
The hounds were ready and eager to show that they wanted to start hunting.
Heading out after the staff and hounds.
Chrissy (the huntsman) and Pete (our new whip).
Chrissy, Diane and Pete walking the hounds.
Chris and Mary Ann led the second field.
The second field had some new members and guests.
The first field, led by Mark, was pretty small.
Some time was spent on training the hounds.
The first flight stayed up closer to the hounds.
Second flight had nice vantage points from the hilltops.
Aver and Jo on foot helped with the coupling and uncoupling.
First flight had a couple of fun runs keeping up with the huntsman when the hounds got on a line.
Second flight had a nice relaxing ride.
Diane whipping in.
Pete watching for hounds. 
We are so lucky to have the use of such beautiful property.
We had quite a variety of horses. 
TBs, Irish Hunter, Cob cross, Paints, Anglo-Arabian, TWH, QH, Clevland Bay and draft crosses.
Praising the hounds and heading in.

Text by Jennifer Stewart, photos by Bart Stewart