Opening Meet and
Blessing of the Hounds

The weather was perfect, the hounds were blessed and keen, and
with only a few mishaps, the day went off without a hitch and with a view...

Bringing the hounds out for the blessing.
The hounds were eager, but minded their manners for the ceremony.
Mary Sue receiving her medallion.
Thuy greeting the Priest.
Aver and Mary Sue getting ready to road out.
The staff and hounds. Diane, Pete and Mark whipped in to Chrissie.
Second flight was led by Scot.
The life of a whipper in - always watching and waiting.
Aver led First flight, and yes, that lady's in a sidesaddle...
First and Second flight heading to the next covert.
Chris and Sophie with Third flight.
Jennifer went it aside in First flight.
It appeared most of the Second flight members were on Thoroughbreds.
Third flight enjoyed a leisurely pace.
Second flight taking in the view and availing themselves of the hospitality wagon.
Roading in to the trailers.
Waiting for the hounds to load up.
Sharon on Simon.
Pete on Jack, who's happy to be whipping in again.

Text by Jennifer Stewart, photos by Bart Stewart