Closing Meet

Not exactly how we had thought Closing Meet would go - rain
to start and some naughty hounds. But, a great time was had by
all. With all the horses doing well, a number of fast runs and a lot
of tasty food when we finally came in.
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Off to an inauspicious start. 
We were wet within minutes of mounting, but after a few hard runs, the horses were damp and we were dry.

Circling a covert, waiting for hounds to speak.
Of course Aver and John led First Flight.
Chrissie has been hunting Jack for the past few months.
Sandy and Shawn went First Flight with Aver.
Sharon whipped in on Simon.
Mark was the other whipper in.
Scot led Second Flight, and stayed up with First the entire time.
Angie was nice enough to get a majority of the gates.
Laura partaking of the Tally Ho Wagon offerings.
Chrissie at a check blowing for hounds.
Chris and Sophie were quite a picture leading Third Flight.
Barbara keeping pace with the field.
We had a number of guests out hunting.
Taking a break at the Tally Ho Wagon.
Our Huntsman conferring with a Joint Master and Whipper-In.
Gabrielle was back out in the field.
Susan rode in Third Flight.
Judy went Third Flight on Gabby.
Jennifer and Thuy helped with holding the hounds.
Mary Sue and Monte kept an eye on how the day progressed.
We were pleased to be joined by the land owners.
Text by Jennifer Stewart, photos by Bart Stewart