Fall Hunting at Butterfield

We had perfect weather and a nice turnout for our first hunt
of the season out at Butterfield. Chrissie had the young hounds
out and we were curious to see how they handled the situation.
The big success of it all was that after a couple hours out hunting,
when we returned to the trailers, all the hounds were loaded up and
accounted for.
The hounds were a bit tuckered out, as were a few of us riders, but
no one ran riot (hounds or riders), and I heard at least one rider say that
the run through the woods was really a highlight of the day.

 Chrissie discussing the plan for the day with the masters.

Bob, with Jennifer aboard, waiting patiently to head out.
We were all a bit surprised to see Angie out on her grey horse 
(she's usually on a chestnut).
Chrissie and Mary Ann heading out with the pack.
The field making their way to the first covert.
It was lovely  to hear Chrissie sound the horn for the first time this season to send the hounds out hunting.
It seems like you're never far from an oil well when you're hunting in Texas.
First flight was small, but Aver and John gave us a good lead.
Roading back in to the trailers.
Mary Ann and Chris whipped in, along with Mark and Mary Sue.
The hounds were happy to follow Chrissie's directions.
Mary Sue whipped in on her new mount.
It was difficult to miss Mary Ann out on her new horse.
John was delighted to be back out hunting and leading First Flight.
Laura, on her mare, led Second Flight.
Angie and her horse heading in.
We had one guest out, Melissa, riding in Second Flight.
Gabrielle rode Thuy for the hunt, but here she is, roading back on Bob.
Jennifer roading in on Thuy.