At the Tally Ho wagon

 Even with the threat of bad weather, the turnout was wonderful.

Mary Sue and Chris were the other two whips for the day.
All ages were out for opening. 
This is Brenna on her mount Ices.
Again, the contrasting pair striding in unison.
This is another junior guest, Kayla, on Harper.
A beautifully turned out Second Flight.
Another guest, Wendy, on Deva.
Lauren, Anna and Angie arriving at the Tally Ho wagon.
Brittany, Stephanie and Claudia slosh through the water leftover 
from the week's rainfall.
We were thrilled with the number of young riders we had out for the day. 
This is Kelsey riding Suzie.
Bob was a short-notice mount for Tami. 
They were both just happy to make it out for the day.
The group took a short break for water, champagne and wine.
Aver's horse John, was impatient to be off hunting again.
John's been hunting since '87, and knows his job well.

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