Boxing Day at Rush Creek

We watched the weather all week, with snow and ice and freezing temperatures.
Sunday morning the sun came out and by time we were saddled and ready to mount
it was so warm we'd wished we'd left the long johns at home.
With the late start time, we didn't expect much more than a trail ride, but the small
field had a blast with hounds speaking; a fast, hard run and a tally ho.
It couldn't have been a better end to the holiday weekend.

 The hunt has had the hound truck now for more than a full season. We were able to have 13 couple out this hunt, and the hounds travelled comfortably, thanks to its huge capacity.
Mark and others waiting for the hounds to be released.
Scot, commenting on how nice it was to have an 
11 am start the day after Christmas.
Jennifer on Bob. Coats were waived, just days after snow and sleet and freezing temperatures.
Thuy had a treat. He was the huntsman's mount for the day.
Judy, on her mare, whipped in like last weekend. 
We think the mare has found a job she likes to do.
Mary Sue and Chris watching for hounds.
We had a blistering run, and arrived in time to watch hounds hunting and view the coyote.
Jennifer was out on her Arabian mare, and brought along a couple of guests.
Mary Sue on Dually waiting for Chrissie to come by with the hounds.
Chrissie at a check, gathering the hounds.
Mary Ann and Shorty holding hounds.
It ended up being quite a warm day. Bob is wishing he were fully clipped like the other horses....
Shelley was one of Jennifer's guests. This was her first time out hunting.
Judith posing for the camera. She was a guest down for the holidays from Tennessee.
Chrissie and the hounds heading to the next covert.
Chris and Sophie trotting off after a hound.
Bob has decided that his job is to stay right behind John and Aver, no matter the speed.
Some of the ponds still had ice on them. Back in the woods we also encountered patches of snow.
Chrissie on Thuy in the lead, with Aver and the rest of the field following along.
Jennifer and her guest, Shelley.
One of the 'J' hounds, I believe.
Bill and Seamus have been out hunting with us a few times this season.
They're a welcome addition to the field.
Judith's mount is an Anglo-Arabian..
Calling the hounds in.
Sophie is a Cob/TB cross who must have gotten 
most of her height from the TB side..
Roading back to the trailers.
One of the hounds running to catch up.