Roading in May

Roading has been going well. It's getting
warmer, so we're staying closer to the kennels. We're
also working the puppies, which means staying in the
pastures while they figure things out.

 Teaching 'load up' using the barn area.

Sending the hounds out.
And then gathering them back up again.
I believe this is Bexar, one of the puppies.
After the work out with the hounds, we sit around and drink tea and eat our lunch.
Adiron and Wiley have learned to relax away from home and enjoy snacking around the kennels.
Melanie's horses have been out a number of times to get used to the activity.
This is Trinket, she was adopted by the Gordon's. She enjoys hanging out and remembering her former life.
Julian was visiting during roading, and got a little ride on Thuy.
Chrissie and Maggie walked around with them.
After a little bit, Julian had the hang of it.