Fall Hunting at Rush Creek

The day started out cloudy and windy with a lot of horses
up from the weather change. We had a large crowd out
thanks to the good weather and the offer of a breakfast
afterwards. Hounds got on a viewed coyote and the field
had a fine ride.

 The clouds rolled off quickly and we had a wonderful turnout.
Melanie and her friend Susan waiting to head out.
Jennifer's guest, Lydia was out on Adiron.
Bill discusses the day ahead with Mary Ann and Aver.
Tina, Gabrielle's friend from Washington, rode Dooley out for the day.
Jennifer was out again on Kasza.
Diane was a guest out on her lovely Irish Cob.
Heading over to the hound trailer.
Bill up on Seamus.
Mary Ann and Chris whipped in for Chrissie.
Laura and Aver taking the field out.
Debo had a fun ride out on Thuy. She was a guest over from England.
Scot was up on Slim.
We had a nice sized group for hilltopping.
Paulette and Betty were in the hilltopping field.
Jake letting out the hounds for Chrissie.
Chrissie gathering up the hounds to road out.
There were a number of draft cross types among the hilltoppers.
This was Geordyn's first time out on her draft cross, Koda.
Chrissie heading out with the hounds.
Following the other fields as the hounds road out.
Diane and her husband Jim.
Paulette and Betty.
Mary Ann and Shorty whipping in near the dam.
An eager hound.
Cantering along.
Debo on Thuy.
Hounds on a line.
A view of the land.