Opening Meet at Rush Creek
Finally the threat of rain, but not enough to deter people from
turning out. The blessing went smoothly and we headed out split into
two groups. The rain didn't come until we were well into the woods. Although
everyone got wet, the rain was welcome. After the rain and a stop at the tally ho wagon,
 the hounds did get onto some game and we had a couple of nice runs.
When we arrived back at the trailers all of the hounds were on and we
enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at the landowner's house.
 Susan and Chris whipped in together.
Mary Ann and Shorty protected the West side of the property.
First and Second flight stayed together. 
Laura and Aver led the group and David led anyone who wanted over the jumps.
Aver and Bruno heading to the blessing.
Sandy on her big chestnut.
Angie with her guest, Ignacio.
Jane and Diane smiling for the cameraman.
Sharon and Jennifer on possibly the tallest and shortest horses in the field.
Susan cantering on to help with the hounds.
Third flight was led by Gabrielle on Angel.
Sharon and Simon posing for the camera.
Waiting patiently for the blessing.
People and horses waiting for the hounds to be released.
Jake letting out the hounds for Chrissie.
Mary Ann standing watch.
The huntsman roading the hounds to blessing.
Holding the hounds while Father Holland gave the blessing.
Father Holland and Chrissie, the huntsman.
Thuy being blessed by Father Holland.

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