Roading on Christmas Eve

A few of us headed out to the kennels on
Christmas eve. We had a nice get-together
with sausage rolls, mince pie, many desserts
and warm glogge (mulled wine).

 Chrissie walking the dog hounds with Melanie and Jennifer following behind.

Jake on Thuy with some of the hounds behind.
Gabrielle encouraging some of the hounds to come on.
Jake and Thuy leading the way.
Getting ready to head out past the kennels.
Heading down the trail with the hounds.
That's Thistle (Jennifer's 3 yr old) at the back. The kennels are a great way to introduce young horses to the hounds.
The weather's been quite warm. On this day it was particularly windy.
Jake and Thuy should be out hilltopping in a couple of weeks.