Closing Meet at Butterfield
We couldn't have asked for better weather for closing.
There was a great group of people out and one of the land owners
was nice enough to accompany us for the hunt.
There were a number of blistering runs where we were close
enough to hear the hounds music echoing in the woods.
Half way through, the tally ho wagon was much appreciated, as
we were all parched from the exertion.
After our ride, we had a wonderful breakfast provided by
various members. They outdid themselves in quality and selection.
Sad to see the season over, but what an ending....
Riders up and ready, gathered around the stirrup cups.
Susan out on her mare.
Gabrielle discussing the day's plan.
Judy, on her mare, whipped in with Chris.
Bill was out on Seamus.
Jane was glad to be back out on Oliver after being laid up with 
an injury this past winter.
Scot was out on Slim.
Kim rode with the hilltoppers.
Angie's mount is one of her polo ponies.
Jennifer and Thuy were ready for a good day.
Laura was up on Calvin.
Melanie was out on her new horse, Bandit.
Gabrielle rode Angel, Melanie's other horse.
Chrissie and Koda heading out with the hounds.
She hunted a dog hound pack this day. 
They were obedient, but keen starting out.
First flight heading out.
The hilltoppers, led by Gabrielle, were close behind.
Kim and Melanie making their way out.
Laura started bringing Calvin out about half way through the season. 
He's settling into his new job.

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