August Roading at the Kennels

Jennifer (hidden) and Amanda getting Thuy and Mo ready for roading.

Horses and riders gathering for a short ride before the hounds come out.
Chrissie and Thistle lead the way with Melanie and Jake close behind.
Amanda and Jennifer brought up the rear.
Angel and Bandit shared everyone's sentiment about the heat at 8 in the morning.
Bandit isn't hard to spot....(sorry)
Amanda and Thuy trotting to catch up.
The horses are Thuy, Mo, Angel, Bandit and Thistle.
Pete and Mo meeting Gabrielle's bicycle.
Waiting for the hounds.
Jake and Angel taking their position by the driveway.
Roading out the first pack of hounds.
Watching Gabrielle uncouple the hounds.
Melanie helping Chrissie with the hounds.
Chris and Pete guarding the fenceline.
Everyone's watching the hounds, except Mo, who still didn't trust the bike.
Trotting on with the hounds.
Thistle saying hi to Burnett.
Packing up in the heat, before returning to the kennels.
Heading back in.
Jennifer and Amanda followed behind to encourage any stragglers.
Burnett tried to return to the kennels early. Jennifer sent her back to the huntsman.
Jake and Angel bringing in Burnett, who wanted to stay in the water trough.
The dog hounds coming out of the kennels.
The hounds getting some exercise.
Resting in the trough during a break.
Montgomery panting in the heat.
Thistle keeping an eye on the hounds.
Chrissie telling a hound to get in line.
Rewarding the hounds for packing up with a pat on the nose.