September Roading at the Kennels

Walking out the female hounds.

Gabrielle out on her mare.
Chris on his mare, with Brindley out on her pony, Sunshine.
Jennifer out on Mo.
Chrissie and Mary Ann walking with the hounds.
Jake up on Angel.
A few horses were led out with the first set of hounds. 
This is Judy Raab with her mare, Fiona, on the right and Judy's husband, Steve, with his mare Jessie.
Watching the hound exercises.
Praising the hounds after a holding exercise.
Good pony.
The hounds playing during some free time.
Aver and Jennifer watching the hounds.
Happy to return to Chrissie.
An obedient pack.
We had extra help on the ground from Janice, Jennifer and Michael.
Mary Ann and Melaine helping Chrissie.
Brindley posing on Sunshine.
The dog hounds were eager to road.
We have a larger group of dog hounds.
Chris and Janet watching the work.
Walking the hounds before the holding exercise.
Amanda giving Thuy a pat.
Hounds enjoying the cooler weather.
Chris and Sophie are fit and ready for hunting.
Training exercise.
Gabrielle and Mary Ann holding the hounds.
Chrissie was well away....
before she called them to her.
Pleased with the lesson.
Aver was out on Bruno.
Jennifer and Amanda followed behind the hounds.
Janet was out on her mare, Raffia.
Heading out to guard the perimeter.
Amanda and Thuy heading out to the trails.
Chrissie keeping the dog hounds in line.
Guarding the far side of the property.
Chrissie and Melanie heading in with the hounds.
Mo in front to help prevent the hounds from breaking.
Walking the hounds in.