September Roading at Finney-Hopper

Mary Ann holding the hounds while Chrissie mounts up.

Thistle and Chrissie heading out with the hounds.
Giving the whippers-in directions.
Exercising the hounds. That's Chrissie, Melanie and Jake with the hounds, while Gabrielle watches the South end of the property.
Everyone was paired off to help whip in.
This property is very close to the road, so everyone is cautious.
A sign of the drought in Texas. The pond is usually full of water this time of year.
Melanie and Jake rode along with Chrissie.
Jennifer and Amanda stuck together and watched from a distance.
Trotting along with the hounds.
Everyone had their positions while the hounds worked.
Chrissie watching everything.
Jennifer and Amanda trotting out in front.
Melanie watching the stragglers.
Aver and Gabrielle stayed close to the fence line.
Mary Ann and Shorty heading to the next rise.
Chrissie and Jake kept the hounds away from the cattle.
Chrissie working the hounds while Mary Ann watched on.
Praising the hounds.
Jake and Angel waiting on a ridge.
Sending the hounds on.
Watching them work in the heat.
Trotting on and calling the hounds back.
Jake worked to get all the hounds back to Chrissie.
Amanda and Jennifer patrolled the North edge of the property.
Melanie and Bandit stayed close to the hounds.
Calm and relaxed heading in.
Chrissie and Melanie with the hounds.
Waiting to return to the trailers.
Mary Ann and Shorty watching the hounds work.
Jake and Angel checking in with the master.
Walking through a patch of sunlight.
Holding the hounds in the shade.
Amanda and Jennifer climbing to get a better view.
Roading the hounds in.