MFHA Centennial Field Hunter Championship
HCH Entries

Jennifer and Thuy getting some turnout assistance from Chrissie and Mary Ann.

Aver helping Chris and Sophie get ready.
Sophie glistened thanks to Janet's grooming.
Jennifer and Thuy trying to look elegant.
Everyone heading in for the turnout phase.
Getting inspected.
The spectators - Chrissie, Aver, Jason and Jake.
David and Othello's turn for inspection.
The field of competitors.
Sharon and Simon waiting their turn.
HCH was well represented in the crowd.
David and Jennifer discussing the class.
Comparing notes.
From Hickory Creek were Sharon on Simon, David on Othello, Jennifer on Thuy, Scot on Slim and Chris on Sophie.
It was nice that everyone from Hickory Creek made the final cut for the turnout phase.
Jennifer and Thuy won the blue in the turnout phase.
Sharon and Jennifer heading back to the trailers for a tack and attire change.
Thuy being judged on the flat.
The mock hunt phase.
Thuy taking a cross country jump.
David and Othello on the handy hunter course.
They did the gate perfectly.
Thuy giving a good effort.
Scot and Slim waiting for the results.
Jennifer receiving the best turned out award.
Chris and Sophie in the final line up.
Othello and David getting into line.
Sharon and Simon by the prize table.
David and Othello receiving 8th place.
Jennifer and Thuy receiving 4th place.
Thuy's victory gallop with a very surprised Jennifer.