Fall Hunting - Butterfield

Waiting to head out.

Aver up on Bruno led first flight.
Gabrielle on her mare led third flight.
Melanie joined first on Bandit.
Ignacio, Angie's guest, was out in first.
Jennifer and Amanda listening to Mary Ann's introductions.
David and Othello were out and ready for hunting.
Mary Ann and Chrissie discussing the plans for the day.
Chad was a guest in third flight.
Chris and Sophie waiting for the hounds.
Chris was a guest riding with his parents in third.
Jim and Lesli were guests waiting to head out.
The hounds watching Chrissie and waiting to be released.
Leslie letting the hounds out.
Mary Ann and Shorty heading to their post.
Chris taking his position to the East.
Preparing to road out.
Third flight heading out.
Jennifer and Amanda followed a short way behind.
Chrissie and Thistle watching the hounds work.
First flight strung out behind Aver.
Third flight through the trees.
Jennifer and Mo watching the hounds work.
Aver, Sharon and David.
Melanie, Ignacio and Angie.
Listening to the hounds.
Responding to the horn.
Following the hounds.
Thistle and Chrissie over the fence.
Sharon and Simon.
Third flight following behind.
Aver and Bruno coming back over.
David and Othello.
Ignacio on his mount.
Off in a cloud of dust.
Jennifer and Chris watching for hounds.
Chrissie and Thistle moving on.
Ignacio and Angie following behind.
Roading the hounds in.
Pretty fall colors.
The field waiting while hounds are collected.
Aver and Chrissie watching for hounds.
Chrissie and Thistle bringing in the hounds.
Angie riding in.
Sharon and Simon.
Lesli roading in.