Opening Meet at Rush Creek
What a lovely start to the season. There were a
number of new faces out and many people on foot
to help with the breakfast afterwards
The fall colors were nice enough to linger and
the fog lifted pretty quickly after we arrived.
Here's looking forward to a great season.
Melanie is pleased to have Jake out hunting this season.
Scott, on Thuy, enjoyed a stirrup cup.
Dom's wife, Chris, was out in Third.
Jane getting a stirrup cup from Jean.
Amanda was out on foot, and Katie was up on Niles.
Gabrielle leading Third Flight to the blessing.
Michelle waiting for the blessing.
Niles and Mo were a cute pair.
Patiently waiting.
Gathering around Father Holland.
The foot followers and whippers in watched from one side...
The riders lined up on the other side.
Chrissie bringing the hounds around.
Watching the hounds during the blessing.
Sharing a moment.
Receiving the St Hubert medal.
Gathering the hounds to head out.
Scott waiting for the field to move on.
Chrissie, Thistle and the hounds watching the whippers in take their positions.

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