Spring Roading
at the kennels
The turn out was amazing considering
the cold and blustery weather. Some people
rode out on horses and others bundled up and walked along.
Kids later took pony rides, while the adults snacked in the
kennel building and watched hound show practice.

Dave getting ready on Nero.

Katie rode out on Niles. 
(They're not really that little, but Nero and Dave sometimes make others look a bit small.)
Bringing out the first pack. The people were cold, but the hounds felt good.
Melanie guards the road as Chrissie and Gabrielle walk out the hounds.
Chrissie and Gabrielle with the hounds.
Dave on Nero, Katie on Niles and Jennifer on Mo. 
All looking for some shelter from the blasting winds.
A nice group of hounds.
Jennifer tried to stay warm on Mo.
Katie and Niles had a fun time.
Roading is a great time to get the horses introduced to the idea of hounds.
Burnet, the hound third from the left, is expecting a litter in late May.
Staying together as a pack.
Coming out of the woods.
We were so cold we didn't notice how green and pretty everything looked.
Heading back to the kennels.
Thuy and Pooka waiting their turn and watching the hounds work.
Mary Ann, Chrissie and Aver trying to stay warm.
Giving the hounds time to socalize.
There were a number of people out on foot.
Chrissie sending the hounds on.
Giving the children a chance to pet the hounds.
Heading in with the second group.
Erika getting settled on Thuy.
Walking out with Katie and Chrissie.
Sharon was out and rode on Thistle.
Sharon riding with her daughter, Erika.
Posing after the ride.
Jamie came and had a ride on Thuy.
Thuy going along and looking handsome.
Nicholas was the most bundled up.
Thistle wished he were giving pony rides.
Saying hello to Picasso and Dora.
Amanda helped with getting Thuy ready and untacking.
Erika, Nicholas, Chrissie and Amanda with Thuy.