Southwest Hound Show
April 21
HCH put in a wonderful, classy showing even if we didn't bring home any ribbons. Madison made the first cut and got the judge's attention for second cut in the big entered Crossbred bitch class thanks to Jake Gatewood’s artful handling.
All the handlers (Chrissie, Melanie, Jason and Jake) shone, and our hounds (Stephens, Stonewall, Burleson, Bailey, Brooks and Madison ) were as good as any.
Erika Miesen tied for first place in the special junior showmanship class. She shared her prize of a huge hunk of chocolate with the HCH handlers (see above) and reps, of whom there were quite a number: the Master, Aver, Gabrielle, Sharon , Erika, Whitney and Jane and John Gilbert. We had a great parking place under the trees to shelter the hounds, lounge and eat lunch. We made a nice day of it. 

 Chrissie/Brooks  Jason/Bailey   Jake/Madison
 Waiting for their turn.
 Mother and Son
 A beautiful day, but very windy!
 Erika working the boards.
 The chocolate Erika won was VERY tasty.
 Aver and the boys taking a break.
 Brooks and Bailey were quite relaxed.
 Final preparations
 Our hounds for the entered dog crossbred class.
 Jason/Stonewall   Melanie/Burleson   Chrissie/Stephens
 Setting up Stephens.
 In the ring
 Being judged
 Jane and Chrissie found the shade.
 Now its the crossbred bitch class.
 Setting up Brooks.
 Striking a pose.
 Jake and Madison
They made the second cut.
 Good job, Jake.