Burnet's Puppies
Burnet whelped a litter of 9 on May 22. There are 6 dogs and 3 bitches. Two dogs and one bitch are lemon and white. The rest are tri-color with every chance of breaking out in speckles. At one week all are round, shiny, active, feeding well and double their birth weight. Burnet is in good shape and a good mother.
Vast credit for all this goes to Chrissie, the chief of the process, and to Melanie and Jake who, with Chrissie, watched over the births and assisted in care. Jo Price, Chrissie’s sister visiting from Shropshire , has cared for Burnet and her pups daily. We owe her great thanks.

 Burnet's a good mother.
Quite a group.
Chrissie was up all night.
 A couple of tri-colors.
Sleeping in a pile.
Starting to open their eyes at a few weeks.
They're starting to walk around a bit more.
Not venturing too far from the others.
Another tri-color.
Sleeping is still their favorite thing to do.