Fall Roading - Finney-Hopper

A snack before heading out.

Aver was up on Shorty.
Katie was a junior guest.
Getting ready to let the hounds out.
Mary Ann on Curly, pointing the way to Katie.
Susie was out on Thuy.
Mary Ann and Aver whipped in.
Katie was glad to be back out on Bella.
The field getting ready.
Sharon and Simon ready to go.
Katie on her mare and Meria, a guest, on her gelding.
Jennifer and Nero watching the hounds come off the trailer.
The hounds watching Chrissie.
They started out on couples.
Chris on Pete led the field.
Meria and Katie enjoying the ride.
The field stretched out along the fence line.
Nero following behind the hounds.
Removing couples to let the hounds go to water.
A lovely mud bath.
Bexar making a splash.
Sharon patrolling the banks.
Responding to the huntsman's call.
Shorty and Aver focused on the hounds.
Starting roading exercises.
Curly and Mary Ann watching the hounds move off.
With all the rain, the foliage is still green.
Sharon and Simon kept their distance, watching for errant hounds.
Aver and David stayed closer to the pack.
Jennifer and Mary Ann brought up the rear.
The field kept their distance. There were a lot of new horses and people out, so they took it easy.
Shorty takes his job whipping in seriously.
Holding the hounds before heading back to water.
Back at the tank.
David guarding the dam.
It was a hot day. We've been lucky to have rain this year. Last year there was no water here.
Heading out again.
The field watching the hounds leave the water.
Keeping the pack together.
There's a lot for the new horses to see.
Katie, Katie, Kathy and Meria.
Everyone enjoyed the view.
Heading back in.
Nero and Curly following along.
Almost to the hound trailer.
Chrissie took the hounds back down the track as a loading lesson.
B boys running to keep up.
The second time coming in, they were more subdued and obedient about loading up.