Fall Hunt Ride at Butterfield

Getting ready to head out.

Melanie and Jake.
Dom and David.
Colleen on the ground and Susie on Thuy.
Michelle was out as a guest of David and Katie's.
Mary Ann and Curly.
Jennifer and Nero.
Aver and Shorty.
It's good to have Chrissie out on Thistle again.
Dom listening to Aver give instructions.
Gabrielle on one of her mares.
Jessica was a guest of Jennifer's, out on Niles.
Aver's group heading out.
Chrissie's group heading out.
Working their way to the woods.
Hunt country is amazing....
Chrissie and Thistle leading the way.
Jake and Mary Ann discussing the height of the Bluestem Grass.
Susie and Jennifer.
Jessica and Niles stayed toward the back most of the time.
The field trotting on.
Coming up on the camera man.
Michelle's horse following Othello.
Gabrielle following along behind Katie.
Dropping down into the woods.
Coming through the woods.
Thuy making his way along the track.
Jennifer and Nero following the group.
Niles leading the way across the dam.
Glad to see water in this lake again.
Mary Ann and Curly heading in.
Jake and Angel had a fun ride.
This was Niles' first time out this season.
Heading in to the trailers.