First Hunt of the New Year

Colleen and Susie helping Chrissie and Thistle get ready.

David and Othello waiting for the hounds.
Pete's getting used to the routine of hunting.
Sharon helping Erika get set.
Mary Ann and Curly.
Aver and Shorty.
A nice group of horses.
Sharon, Erika and Dom watching as the hounds are released.
Thistle takes his job seriously.
Scot whipped on on the West side of the property.
Laura led the field.
Melanie and Bandit worked closer to the hounds.
Roading to the first gate.
Aver and Shorty heading to the far East side of the property.
Jake and Angel worked in front of the hounds and out with Melanie.
Gabrielle and Shelly, her Cleveland Bay,  worked opposite Melanie.
Sharon and Simon were a part of the field.
Erika and Danny.
Dom watching Melanie keep the hounds away from the cows.
It's nice that Sharon and Erika can hunt together.
David and Othello heading to the North.
Susie manning the gate and watching for the hounds.
With some squinting into the sun, the terrain allowed for catching many views of the hounds, huntsman and field.

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