Roading at Finney-Hopper
Chris and Mary Ann discussing the hounds with Susan.
Colleen and Susan were joined on foot by Blane, a guest out for the day.
Katie did a neat job braiding Bella's mane.
Gabrielle and her mare heading over to the hound trailer.
The only shot of Nero for the day. Unfortunately, it's just his ears.
Melanie, Harley and David waiting to ride out.
Chris and Pete whipped in.
Aver and Shorty watching hounds come off the trailer.
Colleen taking care of a tangle.
David and Othello stayed in front.
Mary Ann with her eyes on the hounds.
Katie rode in the field.
Melanie and Bandit guarding the right side.
Harley was a guest who rode with the field.
Taking hounds to the water. Chris and Gabrielle are guarding the road.
Mary Ann and Aver kept their distance.
Everyone spreads out as they move along.
The hounds were very obedient.
Usually it's gas rigs in the distance, but that looks like a Doppler radar.
We've had enough rain for the grasses to still be growing in October.
Melanie and Bandit moving the hounds on.
Mary Ann in the foreground, Chris and Gabrielle opposite and Chrissie in the middle with the hounds.
Shorty enjoys his job.
David and Othello on the next ridge.
Thuy strutting along the water's edge.
Bandit using his camouflage.
Last drink before heading in.