Closing Meet at Butterfield/Rush Creek

Aver and Shorty ready to whip in.

 Susan rode out with Chris and Laura.
 Waiting for the hounds.
 Thuy and Jennifer stayed to the West with Katie.
 Jake releasing the hounds.
The dog hounds were out today.
 Making their way toward Emily's jump.
 Green is starting to show here and there.
 Coming up out of the woods.
Chris and Sophie watching for hounds.
Katie and Jennifer by the bunkhouse road.
 It was lovely to be out on a horse.
 Gabrielle holding hounds.
 Coming in to the tally ho wagon.
 Winter colors at the start of spring.
 The hounds watching drinks being handed out.
 Mary Ann and Aver up from the South end of the property.
 Melanie and Bandit with eyes and ears on the hounds.
Chris and Susan waiting for drinks.
 Mary Ann and Curly.
 Portrait shot.

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