Opening Meet at Bedrock

It was great to see Jake out on Angel.

Chris getting ready to ride.
Mary Ann leading the way to the hound trailer.
Chris brought Pete out to whip in.
Melanie and Jake waiting for the hounds to be released.
David and Othello.
Chrissie discussing her plans with Aver.
Laura explaining the day to a guest.
Katie and Judd watching for the hounds.
Colleen releasing the hounds.
Jennifer and Nero watching the hounds and moving off to the East.
Keeping the hounds together as they road on.
Melanie quickly moving in front of a hound.
Jake and Angel helping road out the hounds.
David and Othello skirting the livestock.
Trotting on with the pack.
Happy to keep up.
Chris and Pete guarding the road.
Following the field master.
Heading toward the windmill.
Spread out as they moved into High Lonesome.

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