Hunting at Bedrock

Working through the middle pasture.
Up through the gate by the old barn and windmill.
Heading down in the bottom of the North pasture with Mary Ann and Aver looking on.
Whips off in the distance.
Heading West and avoiding the cattle.
Everyone kept their eyes open hoping for a view.
The field spread out as they made their way across the pasture.
Tracking across the ridgeline.
Bart had help from Amanda as an assistant photographer.
Jake and Melanie worked the Southwest side of the property.
Noses to the ground, working hard.
The dog hounds were out today.
David watching the hounds progress.
Gathered around Chrissie and Thistle.
Moving on a bit.
Blanco making his way to the gate.
Counting hounds.
Colleen at the gate.

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