Hunting at Butterfield
The huntsman and seven couple of dog hounds worked hard in the warm weather.

Chrissie sending the hounds on.

Gabrielle and Laura coming out of the woods.
Following the line of the trees.
Noses down and working.
Gabrielle and her mare making their way through the cactus.

It's been a dry spring.
Hounds making their way through the tall grass.
Concho keeping an eye on Chrissie.
Thistle and Chrissie watching the hounds work.
Crockett moving on.
The riders enjoyed the mild weather.
Mary Ann and Betsy coming in from the Southwest.
Trying another covert.
The pastures haven't started greening up yet.
Hounds looking for scent.
Mary Ann watching the hounds gather.
Betsy has been on a number of hunts this season.
Holding the hounds at a break.

Betsy requesting a drink at the tally ho wagon.
A little break was nice mid-hunt.

Dana handing out refreshments.
Laura and Slim.

Jennifer and Amanda.
Aver, Chris and David helping Chrissie with the hounds.

Aver and Shorty.
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