Roading at the kennels
Going out with the hounds.

Jennifer and Thistle getting organized.

The dog hounds sent on to work.
Melanie and Thuy working the hounds.

Into the woods.
Concentrating on staying calm.
Melanie enjoyed watching the hounds work.
Gathered up before heading in.
Aver and Chris working on the ground.
Staying close together on the way in.
Gabrielle keeping an eye on the boys.
Jake and Crystal are always a big help.
Heading out with the girls.
A puppy out with the pack.
One of the girls.
Working through the woods.
Praising the hounds.

Chris watching for hounds.
Calling everyone in.
Cass saying hi to Chris.
A relaxed Thistle.
The puppies are learning to go out with the pack.
Focused during a holding exercise.
Bexar and Carol.
Members gathered discussing how the day went.