Roading at the kennels
Going out with the hounds.

Melanie walking out with the pack.

Thistle and Jennifer watching the work.
Enjoying their free time.

Dave out with guests.
David and Katie.
Working along the woods.
Heading onto a trail.
David and Ketel.
A guest out for roading.
Jogging with the hounds.
A nice day on the trails.
Ketels been coming out all season.
Thistle doesn't fall asleep when there are hounds out.
Katie and her guest.
Noses down.
Relaxing while the hounds work.
Thistle pointing out where the hounds are in the woods.
Caught on camera going through the brush.

Gathered at the telephone pole jump.
Jake helps out roading.
Watching a hound go to the call of the horn.
Gathered at the show pen.
Getting a count before heading in.
A puppy saying hello.
Holding in.
Playing over the stone wall.