Butterfield/Rush Creek
Closing Meet

The clouds were threatening, but they kept the day cool and we didn't get wet.

A toast to Mary Ann and Katie before we mount up.
Riders mounting up and getting ready.

Gabrielle on foot and Betsy astride.
David and Ketel.

Betsy and Katie.
Dana and David discussing Thuy.
Laura and David heading to the South.
Jennifer and Nero getting instructions.
Getting ready to release the hounds.
Ready to go.
Keeping an eye on Carol.
Carol letting out the first set of hounds.
Jennifer heading to the East.
Dana and Thuy also went to the East side this day.
Moving on as they came out of the woods.
Watching for any trailing hounds.

Ready to go.
Melanie and Bandit have had a good first season hunting the hounds.
On to the next field.
Focused on the jump.
Up and over.
Betsy keeping up.

Hounds ready to work.

The turkeys were out today. Some of the horses were a bit surprised by them.
Watching the hounds work.
Betsy and Katie making their way along.
Hounds coming out of the covert.
Working through the field.
Heading toward a jump.
Being careful around the hounds.
Keeping the huntsman in sight.
Katie and Bella.
Back over.
And a hound.
Betsy and her mount.
Bella taking it with no trouble.
The rest of the riders coming in.
Mary Ann and Melanie looking for the last hound out.
Dana and Jennifer.
David and Laura.
Slim eyeing the cameraman.
Nero was good his first out this season.
Ketel is curious.
David and Ketel.
Jennifer and Nero.
Dana and Thuy.