Fall Hunting
At Ferguson


Chris and Susan in front of the stirrup cup table.

Aver up and ready.
Jennifer and Dana saying good morning.

At the trailer waiting for their bridles.
Betsy was out on Zip.
Janet out on Whoopsy.
Jennifer and Thuy.
Donna was out as a guest on Windsor.
Chris ready to head out.
Mary Ann giving instructions.
Shorty taking Mary Ann to the South end of the property.
The hounds quickly dropped down into the creek bed.
Laura and Jennifer behind Melanie.
The hounds went up and down the creek bed most of the day this hunt.
Aver, Dana and Besty worked along the West side.
Chris and his group worked along the East.
There was cloud cover and wind for most of the hunt.
Mary Ann is watching from her far off vantage point.

Bringing in the pack.
Laura encouraging Concho to catch up.
Slim's probably been out in the field the longest.
Thuy's still eager as we head in.
Picking up one of the lagging hounds.
Jennifer and Thuy taking in Calhoun.
Blowing for the last three.
Waiting for the hounds.
Mary Ann and Shorty looking for the hounds.
Janet and her mare.
Shorty's already clipped for the winter.
Chris walking in another hound.
Encouraging the last two hounds to move on to the trailers.