Fall Hunting at Butterfield
October 2013

Gathering and getting ready to mount up.

Partaking of the stirrup cups.
David and Ketel well groomed and ready.
Mary Ann and Dana discussing the plans for the day.
Mary Ann out on Shorty.
Waiting for everyone to mount up.
Dana on Stuffy.
Susan and Chris ready to head out.
Katie saying good morning to Thuy and Elise, who was a guest out for the day.
B.J. and Jake listening to Mary Ann's instructions.
Slim relaxing in the sun before the hunt starts.
David listening to directions.
Stuffy's ready to head out.
Jennifer on Miaren was accompanied by Elise and Dana.
Watching as the hounds are let off the trailer.

B.J. letting out the puppies first.
Their third time out and they performed admirably.
On their way.
Watching the West side and waiting to move on after the field passes.
Taking the hounds on to the first field.
Keeping an eye on the youngsters.
Everyone happy to move on a bit.
Over the jump.
Eager to keep up.
Working through the field.
Laura and Carter following along.
Keeping an eye on the huntsman and hounds.
Heading for the gate.
Hounds working toward the woods.
Heading toward the pond.

B.J., Katie and Jake were foot followers today.
David and Laura coming in.

Chris and Susan close behind.
Melanie and Mary Ann coming in from the West.

Jennifer, Dana and Elise.
A fun day out watching and listening for hounds.

Checking in with Mary Ann and Melanie.
Discussing the Painted Desert.