Fall Hunting at Bedrock
October 2013

Tacking up under an ominous sky.

David helping Mary Ann get ready for the day.
Melanie and Gabrielle.
We see many birds overhead during the day.
David and Katie.
The riders were split on whether the rain would come before we were finished.
The sun came out as we headed to the hound trailer.
A good group of horses for the day.
Gabrielle had Shelley out for their first hunt of the season.
Laura and Slim watching the hounds in the trailer.
Jennifer and Meg heading to the West.
David and Kettel.
Katie and Bella.
Watching the hounds come off the trailer.
New entries along with the seasoned hounds let off the trailer by BJ.

Hounds making their way to Melanie.
Treeless rolling terrain. The camera's eye can see forever out here.
Checking out the hounds as they make their way to the first gate.
Jennifer on Miaren and Meg on Thuy with the fog just lifting.
Mary Ann and Shorty at the hay bale gate.
Moving on a bit.
With new entries out, there was training along with the hunting.
Katie helping road the hounds out.
Moving on to the North pasture.
The new entries were keen to learn their job.
Water has been an issue for the past few years. We're always glad to see water in the tanks, but also surprised to see how low they've gotten.
Watching the hounds head to water.
Chris and Susan off to the North.
Working through the low lands.
Distances are deceiving at Bedrock.

Keeping watch on the West while a cow keeps watch on the photographer.
Miaren is very observant and notices everything happening around him.

Riding the ridge line.
David and Laura.

The colors that day were suitable for painting.
Working through the broom-weed.

Dropping into the dry creek bed.
The day warmed up, but the rain held off until we were loaded up and headed home.

The tower in the distance helps us keep our bearing.
Through the windmill gate.

Susan and Chris.
Heading to the next pond.

Jennifer and Meg staying to the South.
Chris is happy to have Pete back out this season.

Knee high grasses.
Heading back to the North pasture.

Keeping the hounds focused.
Following along.

Making their way through the hay bale gate.
Roading the hounds back to the trailer.

Just the tips of the tails visible with all the growth this summer.
Keeping the hounds packed up.

All the clouds burned off.
Chris staying South of the hounds.

Susan between the hounds and the road.
David coming in.

Miaren's getting comfortable being out with the hunt.
Working their way in.

David and Gabrielle.
Mary Ann and Shorty.

Miaren wants a treat after the ride.