HCH Hounds

Informal April RoadingWe were so cold we didn't notice how green and pretty everything looked.

HCH maintains a pack of American and Crossbred hounds at its kennel in Boyd, Texas. As are hounds everywhere, HCH hounds are bred for the country and the game. In Texas we need a good cold-nosed hound to pick up the scent in our hot, dry climate. We need speed to keep up with coyote and durability to stand up to the terrain. American and Crossbred hounds answer our needs.
The breeding program is one of the most important undertakings of the Hunt. The objects are always to improve the pack, do credit to the breed, and to preserve the venerable bloodlines that modern foxhounds represent. These bloodlines are carefully studied and foxhounds are watched closely in fall and winter for performance in the field. Decisions about breeding are based on these observations. Members of a litter bear names with the same first letter, usually the first letter of the name of either the sire or dam. This helps sort them out, both in the kennel and in the field. Since 2002, HCH has been naming the litters for Texas counties.

Foxhounds are counted in couples, or two at a time. A couple is composed of any two hounds at any time regardless of sex, relationship or friendship. The pack is usually of mixed sex, although same sex packs are hunted. A female hound is called a bitch, a male hound is called a dog, and the young are called puppies.


2007 Litter
The puppies are American foxhounds named for Texas counties with the initial letter C. 
They will enter hunting in 2008.

New born in May

Resting in a crate in July

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