In the summer months, the foxhounds of The Hickory Creek Hunt are exercised regularly to keep them happy and fit for the hunting season. The members, their guests and interested people from the equestrian community are invited, in fact encouraged, to join in these outings.


Who can come?
With the permission of the Master (MFH) anyone may come who is interested, who would like to take a leisurely ride, mostly at a walk, with other riders (sometimes we go on foot, too) who finds foxhunting, or the idea of foxhunting, an intriguing proposition. We think that this is the best time and procedure for educating new foxhunters and their horses.  We try very hard to make guests feel welcome.

How much does it cost?

There is no fee for roading on foot. There is a modest annual fee for mounted roading. The rider may road as many times as he likes during that year.

What should I bring?

For the “foot walks,” just come with a cheerful attitude. Bring lots of water or other liquid when it's very hot, and bring lunch or a snack if the schedule includes a picnic. For the mounted roadings, bring your horse, tack, protective headgear, and, again, a picnic if indicated. Bring lots to drink for you and your horse, and a hay net for him to enjoy while you eat your lunch.

What do I do?

If you are riding and if it is your first time for the year, you will be asked to sign a release of liability and pay your annual fee. Then the huntsman or fieldmaster will instruct everyone regarding where to ride, order of go, and any other important details. It is very informal, with no surprises. There is always someone to help green riders and/or horses should it be necessary. 

What do I wear? 

Wear whatever is comfortable and practical. On the “foot walks,” shorts may not be appropriate due to bushes, poison ivy, and so on. Sturdy shoes are important. When mounted, use whatever tack you are accustomed to, wear breeches or jeans, chaps if you like, and protective headgear, and shoes with heels.

Where is it?

At the kennels.

The Hickory Creek Hunt has other activities during the off season (summer). Anyone interested is encouraged to attend.   Email the MFH to inquire about these functions.
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