Fall Hunting at Finney/Hopper

This was our last outing at Finney/Hopper for the year.
We'll be heading out to the larger fixtures starting next week.
Thanks to Jennifer Nice, we had a great hunt breakfast of
venison chili, ribs and Amish salad, among other things.

 There was a bit of foreshadow when we arrived and there was a tractor parked in our way on the road in. After a little clearing of equipment, the waiting trailers were able to pull through.
Jennifer brought out her chunky little mare, Kasza. She was a little sweaty from the trailer ride. We'd hoped for cooler weather, but the only thing that saves us from being hot was the lovely breeze.
Jennifer Nice and her guest, Adrianna, were able to ride in from Jennifer's farm across the road.
Aver is up on his new mount, Bruno. 
Bruno has some big shoes to fill, taking John's place in the field.
Jennifer, Gabrielle and Melanie were in the saunter group. These outings allow new-to-hunting horses time to settle without joining the main field right away.
Mary Ann and Shorty getting prepared to whip in. It's hard to believe Shorty's only been with us a year. He's become a fixture at the hunts.
Two of the puppies paying attention to their huntsman, Chrissie.
Jake has been a big help on the ground. Here Chrissie and Jennifer are watching him fix a tangle.
We had a number of foot followers this day. That's Mark on the left and Jake on the right. Bart followed on foot to take these pictures.
Dave was out on Othello. Whenever Chrissie asked, they were ready to help round up an errant hound.
Katie and Adrianna stayed up with Aver.
Gabrielle and her mount brought along the other group.
Chrissie quickly moved the hounds out.
Quite a contrast in body types. The horses were very interested in the happenings in front of them.
Leading the hounds to a covert.
Sending the hounds in to hunt.
The field spread out to guard the fence line.
Mary Ann and Chrissie collecting them back up.
There were a number of new entry out this time. They all appear to be ready to be off couple next week.
Jennifer rode up front most of the day. When needed, she could turn back an eager hound.
Chris was out on Sophie, always patrolling the edges of the property.
Chrissie praised the hounds for a good day.
Mary Ann and Shorty holding the hounds in the shade.
Chrissie and her horse noticing the cameraman.
A couple of tired youngsters coming in.
Aver and Dave at a check.
Chrissie calling the hounds to road back in.
And, waiting for the property owner to unlock the gate so we could trailer to the breakfast at Jennifer's. Not a long wait, but we all had an appetite by time we got to the breakfast.